A new way to operate your building: LeapSense™

7 years of AI and sensor research shapes our human centric building platform. We combine BMS data, outdoor air emissions, energy data, indoor environment quality and personal exposure into a seamless, actionable tool.
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LeapSense™ algorithms searches for meaningful signals, so you can instantly see everything from hotspots to upcoming issues. See changes in environment quality and pollutant levels over time and across locations to uncover insights about occupancy, ventilation performance and health & safety exposure in a unified way.
How does LeapSense™ work?
LeapSense™ allows you to see all your Indoor Climate and Occupancy data in one place. It brings data from all of Leapcraft's devices across a portfolio and lets you take action. Generate a comprehensive view that helps you design and implement effective clean air and safe environment programs.
Relevant insights to take quick action.
Instantly generate spatio-temporal visualisations of outdoor and indoor environment data at any resolution. You can aggregate sensor measurements across campuses, buildings, rooms and zones. Use contextual data layers from third-party sources into your analysis, such as weather data, room booking or energy consumption data.
Air quality
& Comfort
Aerosols &
Weather &

An open approach to empowering your assets

LeapSense has been designed to empower a data driven dialogue about building performance with all stakeholders. We cover IAQ, energy performance, space utilisation and HVAC operation.
Tenant satisfaction in focus
Let the customer be king and enable a data driven dialogue about building performance. Solve problems before they show up and keep employees healthy and happy.
Operational efficiency
Empower the property managers and technicians with data tools to ensure smooth and timely troubleshooting, forecast failures and better dialogue with all stakeholders.
Property yield
Keep happy tenants and lower churn with our data driven dialogue tools. Forecast CAPEX outlays with our predictive maintenance modules. Enforce data driven performance contracts.

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The best data fusion tool to operate a healthy and efficient building

LeapSense™ allows you to create reports based on your needs, so you can use the data that’s most relevant to your organization.
Developer friendly
Our approach is an enterprise grade cloud first solution. We enable 3rd party integration via a host of modern development standards.
Easy Reporting
We have built in templates and visualisations to help generate reports for Active House, DGNB, ESG reporting and many other sustainability scores.
Easy Scalability
Go from one building to an entire portfolio rapidly. Our cloud solutions integrate with existing BMS & control systems with our A.I algorithms and visualisations.
Open standards
We follow industry conventions and bridge the real world IoT protocols and legacy BMS protocols like Modbus and BACnet in an open interchange.