Clean Air is Safe Air.

The AirBird® is a personal air quality sensor that helps you know your exposure to poor air and take timely action.
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Good design meets clever tech

We bring to you over 6 years of research into sensors, pollution and indoor climate to offer a state-of-the-art product, packaged in a thoughtful & elegant design experience.
Precision Sensor Fusion
Ultra precise optical sensors measure true CO2 along with temperature & relative humidity
High quality Audio
Soft bird sounds notify you changes to your indoor climate so you can take timely action
As easy as your wall clock
An entire year of operation on 3 x AA alkaline cells, minutes to get going, fit and forget.
Adaptive to your needs
Choose between sound mode, light mode or both (demo mode). Optional App connectivity with AirBird Plus.
AirBird® for enteprise needs

Many AirBirds More Data

Combine many AirBird® units to setup an enterprise network in your office or institution and get alerts, recommendations & reports at a click.
  • Schools & Universities
  • offices
  • elderly care
  • co-working spaces
Better indoor climate in minutes...
AirBird® apps to support you

Insights at your fingertips...

The AirBird® comes with a companion app to enable insights and timely notifications
Our data systems are GDPR compliant and our customers are fully in control of their data.

Which AirBird should I get?

Suitable for single room, easy setup and upgradable
AirBird® Plus
Connected, multi room system for homes and work places.
AirBird® Enterprise
Managed solution for large buildings with reports, and integrations
$ 199
$ 279
$ --
Sound and light feedback
A.I notifications
IoS & Android app
REST-API integration
Phone / Onsite
Dashboard & facility reports
Multi user roles & permissions
Infection risk estimation