CPH Sense™

The Copenhagen Sense (CPH Sense) offers the most
versatile environmental Sensing as a Service solution for emissions monitoring and reporting.

Simple, scalable, secure..

CPH sense is a sensing platform to measure ambient environmental quality indicators in a simple and scalable way.

We enable both governmental and private stakeholders to measure and benchmark the environment they live in.
Global scale IoT platform
We offer a fully managed IOT cloud service allowing you to monitor, benchmark and analyse a wide range pollutants, sounds and particles in real time
Criteria pollutants
Our system is designed to integrate all key pollutants in a near reference method covering NO2, NO, CO, CO2, SO2 etc. along with PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 particles.
Automated reporting
We make it ultra simple to gather insights and get timely notifications. We offer out of the box integrations to many smart city solutions.
Simple digital touchpoints

Meaningful insights
and timely reporting

The CPH Sense comes with a companion app for citizens and city administration to enable a data driven dialogue.
Our data systems are GDPR compliant and our customers are fully in control of their data.

Near reference measurements at affordable costs.

We ensure good calibration and continuous monitoring of data quality in realtime.
Certified gases
We use certified gases to calibrate our system, ensuring traceability and accurate quality control.
Rigorous benchmarking
Our sensors have been rigorously benchmarked in co-relation studies in both lab and live environments by independent scientific bodies.
Adaptive calibration
Our systems are designed to adaptively improve the calibration via machine learning algorithms and a variety of compensation methods to counter meteorological influences.
Enterprise grade, sophisticated and robust
We offer a sophisticated front end - web based tool for you to measure, compare and analyse the data. We offer both real time analytics - to connect to alarms and remote triggers as well as historic data to look for patterns and tendencies. Our solution is based on high resolution and high data density, thus using an advanced big data model to offer you a detailed bigger picture.
Ready for integrations
Our software platform offers robust industry grade integrations via REST-API, . Manage your city and assets across the whole portfolio in a unified way.
No need is too complex
We take care of complex roles & permissions, rules, robust end to end security and provide reporting to a wide variety of standards in EU -Air Quality directive & US-EPA out of the box

Unified solution for diverse needs

Our solutions make it easier to integrate a wide variety environmental parameters like Air Quality, Noise, Meteorology and Traffic flow in one unified data model and interface. We help build co-relations, recognise patterns and generate insights.
Air Quality
Measure criteria pollutants likeNO2, NO, CO, SO2, PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10 in 1 minute resolution.
Noise Monitoring
Measure urban noise with Class 1 or Class 2 microphones for DBb(A), Lden, LAeq.
Micro Climate
Measure hyper local climatic parameters like air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Precipitation, Wind Speed and Directions.
Traffic Monitoring
Understand the influence of traffic emissions, count flow of vehicles and frequency.

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