Healthy & sustainable buildings

We enable buildings and neighbourhoods to be people and planet friendly. We deploy systems at scale to ensure good indoor climate, reduce emissions and enable safe and healthy spaces.
World class IoT sensors
We deliver a fully managed, calibrated sensor network to capture over 15 parameters in realtime.
Sophisticated A.I engine
Our software takes the stress out of managing your facility, smooth reporting and delivers adaptive automation.

Sensing as a Service

We enable cognitive buildings with a full suite of service offerings to monitor your indoor climate, noise levels, HVAC performance and occupancy trends.

We provide a fully managed solution covering hardware, calibration, connectivity, monitoring, reporting and automation interconnects.
Indoor Climate
Benchmark and measure your facility in realtime for optimal air quality, thermal comfort and acoustics.
Risk Management
Our solutions help you forecast the risk of airborne diseases, mould and contaminants to enable safe workspaces.
Space Optimisation
Benchmark and optimise your floor space with analytics on utilisation, capacity and trend forecasting for your real estate assets.
Automated Reporting
Get regular reports for ISO or ASHRAE standards of your facility and document your building performance for ESG reporting.

Trusted by discerning customers across the spectrum.

Our solutions have been implemented in 100s of deployments
in public and private companies across 14+ countries over 6 years.
Solutions for every stakeholder and every asset class.

Happy tenants, efficient facility management, sustainable assets - for the whole portfolio !

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A selection of our customer cases

Read more about a wide cross section of customer cases covering offices, schools, industrial, residential and smart city cases.
HOTEL: Green Solutions House
Building certification is just the start. We help client stay certified like at this conference center in Bornholm.
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SCHOOL: Kokkedal Skole
Asking, "What does indoor air quality in a school year look like?" led to startling answers on very poor indoor air quality.
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How can realtime environment monitoring change how we look at air quality, exposure and health?
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FACTORY: ABB Tremezzina
The future of industry lies in better worker health and optimised production environments.
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We are keeping the pulse of Las Vegas in a city wide network of outdoor environment sensors.
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In Manchester, Bratford, Milton Keynes and Sheffield, the CPHSense continues to be benchmarked as the best in market!
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