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AmbiLink® improves HVAC energy performance with 40-60% savings
The fastest path to decarbonize your existing building portfolio.

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The simple 1 hour retrofit solution consists of a smart wireless damper (UltraLink), a room sensor and gateway (AmbiNode) and remote monitoring software (LeapSense). The system can be installed room by room and does not disrupt the regular operation of the building. 

A collaborative solution by:

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Proven 2-4 year payback
with 40-60% energy savings

For building owners

  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Improve tenant satisfaction
    Portfolio-wide ESG data
  • Improve tenant satisfaction
  • Get better yield with documented savings

For tenants

  • 40-60% lower energy costs
    Data for carbon-neutral targets
  • Improve comfort for employees
  • Better indoor climate
  • Data for ESG reports
  • Improve productivity

For installers

  • Lower energy in your installation
  • Easy remote commissioning
  • Continuous monitoring
    Automatic performance reports
  • Better HVAC performance
    Save 30-40% man hours
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Seeing is believing

We help visualise your building’s actual energy performance and indoor climate levels to help save costs and improve comfort.

Our LeapSense® platform integrates to BIM data, produces automatic reports and offers extensive tools to manage your building’s indoor climate.

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To be BMS or not to be BMS ?

AmbiLink® can work standalone at a room level and does not need integration to a building management system. Though data is available over various protocols if you wish to integrate to your existing BMS also for centralized control.

Learn more about the LeapSense® platform and how it can unify ventilation, heating, occupancy and energy data

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A.I cannot change building physics, but we can !

No black box A.I magic, just a clever and robust technical HVAC solution, the AmbiLink solution is offered with the LeapSense software platform that enables all stakeholders to collaborate and keep track of changes.

Our cloud based AI systems are naturally learning silently and evolving to help optimize and improve the savings potential over time.

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AmbiLink office space energy savings

Whats the magic ?

AmbiLink integrates the intelligent room sensor AmbiNode with the UltraLink air damper. The sensor can measure many parameters covering indoor climate, including air quality, particles, light, and occupancy levels. The AmbiNode sends this data to UltraLink, which regulates airflow to the rooms. When air is heated by the AHU, AmbiLink can regulate heating too. The AmbiNode also collects data from UltraLink about airflow, duct temperature, and energy profile from the air handling unit (AHU). Thus the system can regulate indoor climate based on CO2 levels, occupancy, and overall patterns of use in space.

AmbiNode can optionally send this data to the cloud to make further energy savings, see long-term patterns, and generate automatic reports and notifications.

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Get a free estimate of your potential energy savings

Our simulator tool can quickly estimate energy savings and indoor climate in various buildings and room typologies.

The tool is designed to show potential savings in cost, energy, and carbon emissions. Please contact us to get a more detailed and accurate assessment for free.